PostsA Model for Monetising Your Digital Content Catalogue

Kauser KanjiMay 4, 2021

Kasia Jablonska has been working in the digital entertainment sector for over 20 years now and her focus has largely been around selling content across multiple channels using a range of different business models. I caught up with her a couple of weeks ago and in this video interview, she told me about her work at Endemol Shine. Specifically, we discussed how she helped to monetise Endemol’s 60,000-hour back catalogue.

When Jablonska joined the company, in 2019, an audit revealed that only approximately 30% of that catalogue was actively being monetised. For the rest of the year, and together with colleagues like Wim Ponnet, Endemol’s former Chief Strategy & Commercial Officer, who having previously worked at Yahoo, promoted a digital-forward strategy, she distributed content across platforms like YouTube, Amazon and Roku.

If nothing else, they thought, the content would serve as marketing support to new seasons of television shows. Instead, Jablonska was able to create a fast-growing, seven-figure, new revenue stream for the business.

It’s a fascinating conversation with lots of lessons for other TV and film production companies, as well as broadcasters, who are looking to monetise more of their long tail.

Kasia Jablonska now runs her own independent consultancy called MK&K Consultants. You can contact her via LinkedIn.