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Together with Wim Ponnet of Endemol Shine, Emma Tibbetts, the former GM of UKTV Play and now founder of Chuck Data and Mike Sid of Whip Media Group, we talked about the making, selling and scheduling of content in this time of lockdowns and social distancing.
Kauser Kanji5 months ago1 min

At this week’s OTT Question Time we talked about content – about the making, selling and scheduling of it. Together with Wim Ponnet, the Chief Strategy & Commercial Officer at Endemol ShineEmma Tibbetts, the former GM of UKTV Play and now founder of Chuck Data and Mike Sid, founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Mediamorph (now part of Whip Media Group) we explored:

  • The challenges of producing content, in different genres, whilst maintaining social distancing
  • Potential workarounds (let’s all move to New Zealand!)
  • The increase in demand for library content and whether the “long tail” is finally wagging
  • Planning broadcaster schedules and how much, if it all, they might continue to reflect the content that we as audiences expect to see at different times of the year
  • And how much resale value the content that gets made now, during lockdown, might have in the future


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